The Odyssey And Flushed Away Analysis

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There tends to be much similarity between many different works. This essay hopes to show the reader the similarities between Homer’s, The Odyssey, and DreamWorks Animation’s, Flushed Away, in the form of their journey. In The Odyssey we follow Odysseus on his journey from the Trojan War to his home, Ithaca, which unbeknownst to him is overrun with suitors, who eat all his food and try to take over his country by marrying his wife. Along the way he makes many stops at island where he meets many different kinds of creatures and people. He faces many challenges and obstacles, many set him back and push him further from his home. In Flushed Away, we meet the pet rat Roddy, who lives in Kensington, a place for the rich, as his owner leaves to go…show more content…
On his journey Odysseus meet many different monsters and all kinds of people. He travels to many different island nations located all around the Mediterranean Sea, some contain cannibals while others contain enchanting witches. He learns that his home and the immediate surroundings are not the only places that contain life, and they might not even contain the same kind of life. Aside from differences in species he also meets people with other communities and customs, such as the Lotus Eaters who have a community focused on consuming the Lotus and leaving their other responsibilities and problems behind. The of Scheria asks Odysseus about these many different men and places, he asks “where have your rovings forced you?/ What lands of men have you seen, what sturdy towers,/ what men themselves? Who were wild and savage,. lawless?/ Who were friendly to strangers, god fearing men?” (Homer 209). Odysseus meet all these kinds of men and more in his travels, as he moved around the Mediterranean. In the same way when Roddy was flushed into the sewer in Flushed Away he meets a new community, the community of sewer rats. He had lived his whole life as his owners pet and had never meet these kinds of rats before. As he says when he first sees the underground London that the rats have built, “Good grief! What is this place” all while showing his utter amazement…show more content…
In The Odyssey Odysseus faces many setbacks and problems during his journey. All the time he is stuck and can’t continue working to get home he thinks of his family, especially his faithful wife. He never forgets about them or gives up trying to get home. One major drawback of his journey is when he is kept by Calypso on her island. He claims that he is always “sitting,still/ weeping, his eyes never dry, his sweet life flowing away/ with the tears he wept for his foiled journey home,” (Homer 157). Through his we can see the impact his inability to be home has on him and his happiness. In Flushed Away Roddy also faces many obstacles that bar his journey home. He must fight against a constant flood of enemies coming from the main villain The Toad. However he always battles through them no matter what in order to get home. One obstacle that halts Roddy is being captured by The Toad, who plans to never let Roddy leave, let alone get home. As he pleas with The Toad he is even willing to sell his new friend Rita out saying, “Actually, I’m the one who found the jewel. So perhaps you would do me the favor of helping me get home“ (Bowers and Fell 00:20:13 - 00:20:23). Roddy will do anything to get home even if it means hurting someone who needs help to support her family and would bring him home if he just stayed loyal to her. He is even willing to make a deal with the villain in order to find his
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