The Odyssey And Rewarded In Homer's Odyssey

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Homer was a unique poet of the 8th century BCE, where he included key values to base the epic poem The Odyssey off of to tell about the greek lifestyle and their common characteristics. The Odyssey was written by Homer and translated by Robert Fitzgerald and tells the adventure of a father and son that reunite after 10 years apart during the Trojan War. Young Telemachos is trying to locate his father, while Odysseus is trying to get back to the city of Ithaca to his Wife Penelope and his son Telemachos. In Ancient Greece, four values were taught to all generations and were present in daily life. In Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey, the greek values of cleverness, hospitality, and loyalty are featured and are either rewarded or punished.

The greek value of cleverness is presented in Homer's epic poem The Odyssey and is either rewarded or punished due to the degree it is used by and by whom. For example, when Odysseus and his men are trapped in Cyclops’ cave, and they need to trick him to escape but when he asks for Odysseus’ name, he responds with, "My name is Nohbdy; Mother, father, and friends. Everybody calls me Nohbdy." (IX 397-398) Odysseus is clever by doing this because he will never get the blame when Cyclops wants revenge after they escape. This shows how intelligent Odysseus is by thinking of the effects later on and he is rewarded by escaping safely. An example of
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In each of the given circumstances, there are lessons and principles to be taught or to learn from that were important to greek culture. Homer tells these stories clearly to show that the decisions you make are important and determine how you are treated by the gods and the expectations of the people around you. Greek values of cleverness, hospitality, and loyalty are featured in this epic poem and are either rewarded or
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