The Odyssey Book Vs Movie Analysis

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Books and movies are great pastimes, and many people enjoy them because they tell stories in their own unique way. But books have been proven to exercise brains, letting the reader dictate the story, while movies on the other hand,put the viewer into passive thinking, and let the director dictate the story. Take Homer’s The Odyssey, for example. It’s a perfect example of how a story delivered by a book is more effective than it’s movie counterpart. The usage of techniques in the book convey a whole new story experience for readers, something that a movie can’t do. Both the book and movie offer excellent descriptions, but the movie falls short when compared to how detailed the book is. For instance, there is a lengthy and detailed description…show more content…
Characteristics are a large part of any story, and in this case, the book does a better job of defining characteristics than the movie. To illustrate this point , Odysseus is given the character trait of being cunning in the book.This is conclusion is taken from the quotes,” Men hold me formidable for guile in peace and war (lines 7-8)” and “I drew on all my wits, and ran through tactics, reasoning as a man will for dear life, until a trick came...The Cyclops’ rams were handsome...I tied them silently together...then slung a man under each middle one” (7-8, 330-339). As depicted in the quotes, Odysseus is famous for his cunning, and uses his wits to get out of tight situations. In spite of being cunning in the book, Odysseus is stripped of this characteristic in the movie. While he is the one thinking up of the sheep ploy in the book, in the movie someone else thinks up of it, and they escape due to that. Thanks to this, Odysseus no longer shows this characteristic in the movie so far, and that dramatically flattens out his hero status. While the book shows Odysseus in all of his cunning magnificence, the movie does not, and that makes the reader feel as if Odysseus is not that important after

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