The Odyssey Circe Character Analysis

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The city was alive; the sky's sunset screaming color, the tall buildings hugging the pedestrians, each human passing with spark and energy. It wasn't even seven in the morning and the city was already awake. I placed the bag filled with my magician supplies on my shoulder, buttoned the only coat I own, and began to walk to my just oh-so-wonderful job. In this city, New York, I am not a well-known magician, but those who do come often find it hard to believe that my magic isn't real. At times I hear whispers in the audience saying, "how is that possible?", or "This lady is a freak. She might be putting on a show, but that is real." The seat next to those few people just laugh and shake their heads. I give credit to the people who actually have brains and can identify the real from not real; those humans I call up to the stage to help with a trick.
Though my job is not so fine; I usually find myself unsettled and spacing out. Nothing out of the ordinary happens, no one new comes along, and the same performance is done
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The readers are not completely told why she takes on situations the way she does, or why she acts certain ways. I felt by telling a new story of Circe would lend to her fierce character, as well as be another way to demonstrate all of her abilities. In addition, the story and perspective I gave her was different. Instead of being able to live in a world where she can be cruel with her powers, I found that this story challenged her. She did not want to go back to her old life tricks, though instead had a motivation to give this unfamiliar world a try. She viewed this unfamiliar life as a new beginning, which brought Circe on the path of figuring herself out more. Circe discovered she can be herself; she can use her powers for good. She makes an immense development, which I originally felt the character could always
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