The Portrayal Of Women In Homer's Odyssey

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Would you really have to portray a girl to get what you want? Can you do something different? The Odyssey was taken on by a Greek legend, Odysseus over sea. In his journey there was different men and women along beside him, but the women were quite different in areas and in heart. Portrayal of women is in answer to all the women in the Odyssey. There are different ways for women to be portrayed in the Odyssey. They can be disloyal, sexual, and loyal woman that gets used for these things. Could you ever grasp a point of how you would feel if you were the one being portrayed? In the first section of the Odyssey, women are presented to us as controlled by the culture of the day, and it is only within that area that we can consider the way Odysseus provides women to be admired or despised throughout his journey. But he uses it through how they come upon him when meeting, for example disloyal woman. Melantho which is the maid servant of Penelope and Clytemnestra, who is the spouse of Agamemnon, are two of the main people that are completely disloyal. In the book, Melantho is presented as rude to Odysseus and Queen Penelope, she hides behind Penelope's back and consists of having a relationship with one of their suitors. In the end it didn’t go as planned for her, but she got killed along with the other suitors trying to save her lover. She was tired of listening to others and not being able to be with the guy she…show more content…
Basically stated that disloyal, sexual, and loyal women get treated differently for who they are. The only one Odysseus really cared about was getting back to his wife, that then continued to stay loyal for him, but he made so choices that he regretted but did it to get back to his wife. If he wouldn't of gone through the hard part with sexual and disloyal women before getting back to loyal he wouldn't of made it and he would of got portrayed by his suitors for taking his
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