The Odyssey: The Hero Of Odysseus As A Hero

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It unquestionably shows in the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer that Odysseus is indeed a hero. Although Odysseus shows signs of weakness along his journey returning to Ithaca, he is very heroic in many situations to save his men and attempt to return them all home. ADD SENTENCES HERE. Odysseus is undoubtedly a hero because he saves many of his men from the cyclops, he rescues his men from Circe, and he ventures into the House of Death alone. Odysseus in The Odyssey by Homer is a hero because he saved many of his men from the cyclops, Polyphemus. Odysseus comes up with a brilliant plan to escape Polyphemus’ cave by hiding under the rams when the cyclops releases the rams to the fields. He says “First I loosened myself from the ram, then loosened…show more content…
Odysseus rises up after Circe turns his men into animals and he goes off to save them, forgetting what they just did letting the wind go and sending them away from Ithaca. He says to Eurylochus “But I shot back, Eurylochus, stay right here, eating, drinking, safe by the black ship. I must be off. Necessity drives me” (10.299-301). Odysseus is willing to sacrifice himself and leave his other men on the boat as he feels it is his duty to get them back. Once Odysseus reaches Circe she tries to put him under her spell but he objects because of the potion Hermes gave him and The Odyssey describes “ But I, I drew my sword sheathed at my hip and rushed her fast as if to run her through” (10. 357-8). This excerpt shows that Odysseus is not afraid to fight and get his men back regardless of who it is. He will do whatever it takes to continue home and get back to Ithaca. After some discussing with Circe Odysseus says “ If you, you really want me to eat and drink,set them free, all my beloved comrades- let me feast my eyes” (10. 426-8). Odysseus shows in this situation with Circe that he has to make sure his men are safe and freed from being animals before he can get comfortable with Circe. He cares more about his men then his own well being. Odysseus shows heroic actions by going off on his own to find his men and making sure they are turned back before he gets comfortable with…show more content…
As his boat arrives towards the entrance he needs to make a sacrifice to the dead. Instead of making one of his men do it he volunteers willing “and, I drawing my sharp sword from beside my hip, dug a trench of about a forearms depth and length and around it poured libations out to all the dead” (11. 27-9). Odysseus is stepping up and making the sacrifice to the dead, not even considering making his men do it. Odysseus will do anything to get them home to Ithaca. After pouring the libations Odysseus has to guard the blood from unwanted ones. He describes “But I, the sharp sword drawn from beside my hip, sat down on alert there and never the let the ghosts of the shambling, shiftless come near the blood” (11.53-55). Odysseus is showing courage by protecting the blood without a second thought. He is not afraid to be on the lookout and protect what he wants to keep protected. When Odysseus is talking to his mom in the House of Death he tells her “I had to venture down to the House of Death, to consult the shade of Tiresias, seer of Thebes” (11. 186-7). Odysseus demonstrates heroism as he goes into the House of Death alone to receive information to get him and his men home. He has to face ghosts of lost friends and his mother without getting distracted while focusing on getting home to Penelope in Ithaca. This takes a lot of strength and bravery to get through a situation like this but Odysseus

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