The Heroic Death Of Ulysses In Homer's Odyssey

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Ulysses and his sullen ship sailed out of the accursed Underworld, hearts joyful to see the blue sky and the dazzling light of the sun. Ulysses sailed out, his hand stroking his red beard, pondering on the words of the dead. Suddenly, out of the blue, a crushing tidal wave began to come their way. “Down sail!” Ulysses ordered. “Ship the mast! Get ready to row!” The crew rushed out, following Ulysses orders, but it was too late. The wave swept them all the way to the island of Hades. While the crew was in chaos, Athene appeared before Ulysses. Ulysses immediately bowed down in respect for the goddess. “Lady Athene!” cried Ulysses. “Why must you appear before me?” “Do not fret, mighty Ulysses,” Athene said, “only you can see…show more content…
Clearly, my appearance at lord Hades’ island has angered him, but how will I calm him down?” Ulysses was getting anxious. His hands were sweaty, his heart beating so loud, he could hear it himself. Hades, sensing Ulysses nervousness, thought of a deal. “Sacrifice 108 souls to me, so I can become more powerful. Sacrifice strong souls, souls that can fight in my army, then I shall relent and allow you to build this grave,” Hades bargained. “If not, you shall die alone on this island, either from the animals here, or you die from this island’s air.” “Should I accept this contract? Where would I find 100 people to kill? Even if it is to save my life, is it right to kill 108 men?” Ulysses thought. After a few moments of thinking in silence, he thought of an idea. “This journey is surely perilous, with all the dangers I have faced, I will certainly find evil men to kill.” Ulysses reconfirming his choice, reluctantly agreed. “I shall do as you ask, lord Hades,” Ulysses bowed. Hades nodded, waving his hand. “What did you do, lord Hades?” Ulysses asked. “I have allowed you to breathe this air and ordered the animals that you shall not be harmed,” Hades explained. “I must go now, duty calls me.” Hades disappeared in a black mist, the place where he was at, smelled like…show more content…
Looking back, he realized that he knocked over the grave in his meeting with Hades. Fatigued, Ulysses moved each grain of the black dirt placing them in the shape of a long coffin. Half an hour later, Ulysses stopped, satisfied with his grave. He placed Elpenor’s oar carefully on top of the barrow. “Done,” Ulysses thought with satisfaction. “Now I must find my way to set sail, before my crew leaves without me.” Ulysses ran until he spotted the ship, joyful to see color and not gray. Ulysses climbed the ship, shouting orders. “Raise the mast and anchor, set sail!” Ulysses took the helm steering away from the island, with Athene smiling down at him from the

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