The Role Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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An epic tale of gigantic proportions. A wonderous and rich story of the hero named Odysseus. The tale by Homer called the Odyssey is a moving and engaging piece of literature that depicts the adventures of our hero Odysseus. It outlines his return to Ithaca and the travels that he went through after the battles of Troy. The purpose of this is to bring light to the story and promote its wonderful history. Odysseus’ is a extremely brilliant and cunning adventurer. His first show of willpower was against the Lotus Eaters. We start when a wild storm whips the ship around for nine days until resting upon the coastline. The Lotus plant was offered to the men but unfortunately it did no harm outside of being an intoxicating fruit that would cause those who ate it to lose all memory of their past and loved ones. Odysseus proceeded to drag his men back to the ships and despite the Lotus flowers powers and the mens wailings began again their trek at sea. (Odyssey 955) This shows despite great forces that tried…show more content…
Firstly Odysseus and his men travel to Aeaea where the witch-god Circe lives. Initially some of Odysseus men were turned into pigs but after time Odysseus becomes her lover where they spend over a year in luxury. (Odyssey 969) Despite having a wife back home Odysseus does what he must to further the journey and spends quite a while with the witch-god. After leaving Circe Odysseus finds himself in another bit of temptation with those called the Sirens. He is warned on his travels about the Siren’s song from Circe and instructs his men to plug their ears with wax as to not be able to be seduced and tempted by the melody. Odysseus himself chooses not to plug his ears but is bound by his men. As it turns out even he is no match for the pleasant tones as he tries to be released from his bondage. (Odyssey 978) Despite the holdups Odysseus and his men continue their journey back to their
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