Summary Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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After the time spent with the Phoenicians, Odysseus made his way home as quickly as possible. Traveling in a small boat, that was a gift from King Alcinous, at the fastest speed possible, foregoing all thoughts of adventures and any other side quests that he might do on the way. The waves rocked the tiny craft back and forth, the blue water frothing against the prow. After hours of staring into the distance, a giant wave from the port side caught Odysseus’ attention. He turned the small boat towards the wave to avoid capsizing, after riding the wave for a few minutes, it dissipated and he turned back towards Ithaca and went on his way. With that there were no more annamolies, until after Helios the titan of the sun had drove his chariot to its highest point in the sky. A giant landmass of green was slowly moving towards his ship.
At first glance Odysseus observed he thought to be patches of sand towards the closest part of the mass. As he watched the mass slowly draw near he
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But that breath would have done him good to keep as he was flipped into the air and thrown into the water. As Odysseus took stock of his new surroundings he looked off to his right and saw the crystyl blue eye of the monster. Odysseus took all of his strength and punched the beast in the eye, and then swam as hard he could with his legs. Gray Eyed Athena watched in shock as the monster had the audacity to not only use the tactic of retreating into the water to its advantage but to also forgo the warning she had given it. After a few frantics minutes of Odysseus trying to flip the boat over, Gray Eyed Athena used her divine powers to stab the creature in the eye. The beast let out a screech that only the most terrified and cornered of animals could make and lashed out with its arm and slashed Gray Eyed Athena across the arm. The beast dove back down into the depths
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