The Office Television Show Analysis

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The Office is an American television comedy series that aired on NBC from 2005 to 2013. It is an adaptation of a British series also titled The Office. The series depicts the everyday work lives of office employees that work for a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The show is portrayed as a documentary by having a camera crew follow the employees throughout the series to show the viewers the lives of American office workers. However, the days and experiences these people have during their days at work are far from normal because of their humorous boss and other employees. The episode from this series that is going to be focused on is “Christmas Party.” In this episode, there are many different narratives being used to convey a reality.…show more content…
The most used tactic the show uses is when the character talks directly to the camera one on one. This is a very common tactic used in today’s reality shows also, and it is used to get to know the character more personally. Even though the characters are just acting in these scenes, the confession cams makes it seem like the character is just being themselves and saying things they would not say in front of the other characters in the show. Another tactic The Office uses is how the camera shoots some of the scenes. For example, when Pam is in the kitchen with her boyfriend and another co-worker, the camera catches her looking at Dwight holding the teapot making it seem like she wants that instead of the iPod. This give an impression to the audience that she personally knows that she made a mistake of picking the iPod instead of the teapot and it is something she does not want to say in front of the camera. Another example of this is when the camera catches Dwight and Kelly kissing and also Angela’s reaction the kiss. After the kiss, the cameraman follows Angela outside secretly and catches her releasing her anger by throw ornaments at the wall. This shows how Angela feels about Dwight, and it is something she would do in front of everyone in the office. This tactic gives the audience a behind the scenes of what is going on in the
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