The Okeechobee Hurricane

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Each year around 12 to 14 hurricanes occur in the United States. Hurricanes are natural disasters that form by the equator and can cause massive distruction.Hurricanes are not like other natural occurences that can be beautiful like volcanic lighting or the Northern lights. Hurricanes are very powerful winds that can kill thousand of people. They also put many people in poverty becasue they destroy many homes. The month of September, in 1928 the Okeechobee hurricane affected many areas, destroyed residents homes and killed many innocent people in the process of its destruction. Hurricanes can range from different Categories, Category 1 being not that bad and 5 being the worst. The Okeechobee hurricane hit many places and the winds picked up…show more content…
The places it affected were the Caribbean, Florida’s Atlantic coast, and Lake Okeechobee’s southern shore (Doup). Many towns were affected by the strong winds pushing in water. In “1928 - Okeechobee” by Liz Doup she writes, “In a matter of hours, towns from Clewiston to Canal Point -- home to 6,000 people -- were awash in a sea of disaster.” The people who lived in these areas lost there homes because of how strong the winds were. The affected areas were also destroyed by the winds. In “1928 - Okeechobee” by Liz Doup she writes, “Custard apple trees were uprooted and limbs torn lose. Houses crumbled, timber flew.” The hurricane lasted a couple of days so it traveled to different places during the time. It started September 6th and went to the 20th of September of 1928 (“1928 storm smashed dike,...”). From the hurricane the areas that were affected were also hit with a lot of…show more content…
The hurricane had reportedly killed almost 2,000 deaths (Doup). In just one place the hurricane had killed many people. In Puerto Rico the storm had killed 1,000 people (Doup). The hurricane had brought in a lot of water, so that could have been a possible reason why so many people died. In “1928 - Okeechobee” by Liz Doup she says, “Water rushed onto the swampy farmland, and homes and people were swept away.” The hurricane Okeechobee was very dangerous. It was the second most deadly hurricane in U.S. history (KSigwart). The hurricane didn’t just destroy the town and take love ones, it also casue a lot of damage that cost a lot of

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