The Oklahoma Race Riot: The History Of The Tulsa Race Riot

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A movement away from segregation There are a lot of big events that come to mind when you think about the history of Oklahoma, but is the Tulsa Race Riot one of them? Things happen all over America everyday that improve the lives of Americans. There are people still affected by segregation and racism everyday and this was the beginning of the movement toward everyone being more equal. It is not taught, or talked about as much as it should be, sometimes it seems like it is even being forgotten. The Tulsa Race Riot was a major movement away from segregation and racism that positively affected American history. There was a significant event that happened prior to the riots that really pushed black and white Tulsa citizens to the edge. A 19 year old, black shoeshiner named Dick Rowland was going to the top floor of the Drexel Building to use the segregated bathroom he was allowed to use. There really is no specific explanation to what happened, but there are several different beliefs. Some people believe Rowland was making his way to the elevator and accidentally tripped catching himself on the young elevator operator, Sarah Page. Others believe he assaulted her or touched her in a way that he should not have. Either way, Page screamed and Rowland fled the building because he was frightened. Nobody really knows the true story, but he was arrested the next day and this was the beginning of the riot. There was first an angry group of whites at the door step of the courthouse
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