Old Kingdom Religious Monuments Essay

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A diachronic analysis of the Old Kingdom elite tombs (ADD THE NAME OF THE TOMBS) showed an increase in the size of tomb chapels as well as in the number of various types of scenes present in the programs. (WRONG CHOICE OF WORD) The expansion of chapel sizes and programs (WRONG CHOICE OF WORD) represents the thriving bureaucracy and the instability in royal privileges versus the opportunities that existed for the rising elite class. It also indicates that there were various changes in wealth. It can be inferred that the transformation of social structures may have facilitated those changes, as more individuals started acquiring higher status and better politically positioning in the country (Wilkinson 56). The union of labor, gathering, the distribution of resources, along with a long process of constructing were not only significant to the political and religious ideologies of the country but also in establishing several…show more content…
In examining some of the Old Kingdom’s religious monuments, such as (ADD THE NAME OF THE MONUMENTS), it is apparent that ritual practices had significantly sustained and transformed the religious ideas. For instance, the ideology order of society, religious concepts, and the power of the ruler obviously determined much of what took place in Egypt, including the construction of elite tombs. For instance, upon examining (ADD THE NAME OF THE TOMB), the nature of the Old Kingdom was characterized by a central, steady, and lasting worldview, which hid the fundamental reality of the many people who made up society. It is also apparent that Egyptians were receptive to the world they lived in and understood their monuments to be politically
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