The Old Man Analysis

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Approach: Explain why you chose the Analysis Tool. (What does the tool help you show about the stories?) I choose the “keys” tool to anaylse for this journey. The keys will clearly represent us what are the important events that occurs in the story, and how the old man Theme Development: What is the theme of the story? And how does the plot develop to that theme? Pride and Ambition may be one of many possible themes that can describe “Santiago” in the old man & the sea. It is obvious that because of his pride and ambition which brought him to his new journey, sailing out into the big ocean away from all the fishermen he knew, and it also pressed him to reach his goal and greatness of being a fisheman, to catch a great fish; marline. “My choice was to go there to find him,...beyound all the people in the world (p.18).” Moreover, from the theme of pride and ambition that I consider, there are three crucial events that can be results from the old man’s dignity and aspiration as well 1) it drives him to keep fishing although he had got no fish for 84 days. 2) it drives him to keep wrestle with the marline although he had suffered for 3 days and 3)…show more content…
He keeps dreaming about the lions playing on the beach even in the end of the story he still dreamt about it, is that the same lions once he first saw when he was a boy? may be the old man miss his glory. The lions come back to his dream to remind him of his great old days, travel to the Africa, so the dream might be a sybolism of his greatness, power, and also hope as he seems to be happy and hopeful when he dream about it? For example, after he dreamt about lions “..feel confident.. pp.9” , and“... he was happy.pp.30.” Probably, the lions dream might be the thing that retain the old man strength to make him sails on. Who knows? he may not go catching the marlin after unlucky 84 days if he does not dream about
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