The Old Man And The Sea Character Traits

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Breanna Miller Prof.Long English 83 December 6, 2016 The Old Man And The Sea The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible . The positive traits in good people really depends on someone's personality, you can’t also judge a book by its cover. In the book Ernest Hemingway it tells a story of an old man named Santiago who, is in some form of unlucky, he is also known to be the worst fisherman. But, a young boy named Manolin, who once fished with the old man, Santiago. His parents told Manolin that the old man is an unlucky…show more content…
The young boy, Manolin is kind towards the old man old, because he is 84 years old and it's getting hard for him to do things on his own and he feels sorry for the old man. The positive traits character show in the book is courage. (60-61) When the old man’s hands are cramping up, he says I hate a cramp. It's a tendency of one’s own body. The character that shows the most courage is the old, Santiago this can be seen.(68) The old man, Santiago has fear that the sharks might come and eat the fish that he caught, he said If sharks come, God pity him and me. The old man thinks he might have a bone spur, he said if the great DiMaggio had a bone spur and so simple an old man can do it. The other character that displaces courage is the young boy, Manolin he shows this trait. When, the

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