The Old Man's Journey In The Old Man And The Sea

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The Old Man and the Sea [94/100]

I choose “The Keys” tool to analyze this story; the old man’s journey. The keys clearly represents the overall pictures of the story to me of what is going on in the whole story. It helps me exclude all the little details and gives what the main events are and things that occur during the old man’s journey. At first, I did not know exactly what this story is about, but after I made the tool, I feel like I understand more, and one thing that I gain from the tool is I know what are ‘the threats and call’ which lead the old man to cross the threshold and pressed him to the new journey after his unlucky 84 days. His “pride and ambition;” one of the main factors which evoked him and made his new journey begins.
Theme Development:
Pride and Ambition may be one of many possible themes that can describe “Santiago” in the old man & the sea. It is obvious that because of his pride and ambition brought him to his new journey, sailing out into the big ocean away from
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He feels proud to say to the boy that once he was great sailor who went to the Africa. He believes that he was born to fish. He is prideful in his abilities and skills of fisherman he has. Moreover, when the boy tells the old man that the best fisherman is him, although Santiago keep says “No. I know others better. (p.8).” The old man still wants to prove himself to the boy as he decided to sail far away alone to kill a truly big fish and to insist that he is not a salao as many have called him. “I told the boy I was a strange old man,” he said. “Now is when I must prove.” Thus, because of his greatness in the past and also the words from Manolin, they are a force that make the old man finally killed the great fish to be a prize for himself as a fisherman and to show the boy that he is the best fishermen like the boy wants him to
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