The Old West Analysis

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The old west is one of the wells know timeline in the American history famous for its era of cowboys and the wild west for most individuals, but in reality, the wild west greatly shaped the American land, culture, and its development. It is one of the biggest historical marks in U.S history. It was the time of creation and formation of states, laws, communities, technological as well as the new life in America as they conquer plethora of obstacles such as diseases, starvation, and other deaths to expand the distinct regions of the west. Although their methods of conquering the west have caused unimaginable abuse, torment and exploitation to the environment, and natives as they saw fit to make their theoretical goal a reality. The Old West…show more content…
The imagery was developed and retained by Artworks form famous artist such as Albert Bierstadt who captured the wild, unique and vast environments of the west. Many were captivated by these canvasses giving them an urge for exploration soon after the portraits were replaced by photography as that were implemented on newspapers, magazines, and postcards and there were the main items that embedded the imagery of the old west as they gave a more definitive contrast of how the west actually looked. Other artworks also gave an impact of the imagery of the west such as Wild West Shows. During the frontier One of the popular entertainment was the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows. The shows offered entertainment to selling natural remedies sold by natives Indians who were employed by them. The birth of the Wild West as a successful genre was largely a product of personality, dramatic acumen, and good timing as it gave an aura of authenticity. But portrayed the cowboy as the true hero of the West and the Indians as warring savages because of their shows depicted a simple moral representation of good and evil. Where -Indians are considered good and Indians evil glorifying and justified the subjugation of the Indian tribes in the name of Manifest…show more content…
In North America were treated as savages and had their land stolen. As the white man pushed westward, always wanting more land and resources, they pushed the American Indians out of their way. To the whites, the natives were inferior people an obstacle they had to overcome to obtain their land. The pioneers wanted metal such as silver and goal, mostly located on Indian land. Creating a string of event After the Civil War, where the United States relocated most American Indians west of the Mississippi River due to an act signed by President Andrew Jackson called the idiom removal act. Making them able to get the resources they sought out. US government forced Native American tribes to live in certain areas called Indian Reservations exchange for living on the reservation; tribes were often paid some money called an annuity. The natives faced many economic issues on the reservation. Nomadic tribes lost their entire means of subsistence by being constricted to a defined area. Farmers found themselves on land unsuitable for agriculture. Worst of all many reservations were plagued with diseases such as chicken pox brought by the whites caused a serious outbreak of diseases in the reservations killing a huge portion of Indians. The U.S showed the effort by creating laws and acts to
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