The Old Woman And The Road Analysis

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MYTH DEBUNKED : NEW WOMAN IN THE OLD WOMAN AND THE COW A. Ravindra, Lecturer in English, A.M.A.L. College, Anakapalli ABSTRACT Myth is an inseparable part of the Indian consciousness and the Indian writers obsession with myth is a creative imperative. Anand employs the narrative strategy of subversion to drive home his ideaology of humanism. Anands chief contention is “The Old woman and cow” is that women need to be treated as equal to be men. They deserve equal importance and responsibilities. Indian English novel came into its own with the 'arrival ' of Anand, Narayan and Raja Rao. The 'founding fathers ', as William Walsh calls them, gave a tangible identity to the genre of fiction. These three writers dispelled the notion that Indian sensibility cannot be captured in English. Anand 's accomplishment as the champion of daridranarayana is noteworthy for he set the trend of social realism in Indian English novel. In a letter to Prof. lyengar, Anand wrote: The Old Woman and the Cow and The Road will confirm the poetic truth that the alleviation of pain and its expiation are the only values given to our intelligentsia in the present time (357) -This observation of Anand stems from his experience with the peasantry and an enhanced awareness of their predicament. He realised the intensity of the devotion of Tolstoy and Gandhi felt through working for, and with the peasantry. This paper seeks to study how Anand debunks the Sita myth and in the process creates a myth for
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