The Oliver Twist Novel And Its Impact On English Literature

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This research deals with the (Oliver Twist) novel and its impact on people and on English literature at the same time. The researcher explains the novel 's impact in several points; what this novel makes in the English literature of that period and what is the secret of its which makes it fame and widespread. There are several overviews for many English famous authors about this novel. The researcher posts several links from YouTube and some sites for many movies which were represented from long years ago and still till now. Also, she posts the link of the novel in an Arabic copy which is represented as an animation for children. There are also interviews with people who have good points of views about this amazing novel in order to answer the questions of the study; why this novel is fame till now, what exactly the secret of the story which lets it to spread in that the fastest way to many forms and why the people are affected by it! Introduction: One of the important good impacts of English literature on humanization is that helps a lot of people to change their bad lives and to improve their skills to face the hard settings of life. And Oliver Twist is about the most 100 important novels in the English literature and the whole world. It is by the great English author, Charles Dickens. It is first published as a serial in 1837-39 in England. The researcher discusses the novel 's impact on people and shows that there is a reason or more than one

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