The Olmec Culture: The Aztec Culture

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Olmec: The Olmec culture was present in what is known today as Veracruz and Tabasco. The plaza in La Venta contains four giant basalt heads six to ten feet high. Research suggest that the basalt sculptures appear to be of rulers and not gods. The Olmecs also did cave paintings, created ceramic figurines, and carved jade sculptures. Their jade sculptures often portrayed a mix of human and animal features.
West Mexico: West Mexicans unlike the Olmecs did not produce large sculptures but produced permanent structures like tiered platforms and ball courts. West Mexico is mostly known for its clay sculptures often found in tombs and usually a orange or red color these clay sculptures often depicted rituals.
Maya Civilization: Similar to the Olmecs the Mayans also have large statues of rock that honor their rulers like the Stelae D in Copan which is detailed with many symbols and hieroglyphs. The temple of the giant jaguar at Tikal which is 45 feet tall and the burial place for one of their rulers. The temple has 9 huge steps said to represent the 9 levels of the underworld.
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Conclusion: The Olmec West Mexica and Mayan civilizations have very common art concepts such as the pyramids in Teotihuacan and the Maya temple of Tikal. Also, Clay art in burial places is common amongst
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