The Omnivores Dilemma Summary

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In the book The Omnivores Dilemma, by Michael Pollan he brings us on his journey with him through analyzing the model of “four meals” and how our thinking habits have changed the way we choose to eat and go about eating throughout the years and the role our society and the different expectations put on individuals has effected their thoughts and relationship to food. Each section and chapter of the book is broken up into different fads, opinions and findings that Pollan has found along his journey. Throughout the book his pre determined notions and thoughts around our society with food is challenged but also is backed up by different healthful and food activists like himself and how like minded people can differer in opinions and thoughts on how our society has changed involving…show more content…
Corn is present in every single meal we eat, hidden or blatantly stated we are always eating corn. Farms and other corn processing factories have had a major impact on the agricultural system we see now today. Pollan critiques how corn has taken over a lot of the agricultural system and how overproduced it is because of how much big corporations and grain exporters benefit from producing corn. Throughout this first chapter he states that if, “we could see what lies on the far side of the increasingly high walls of our industrial agriculture, we would surely change the way we eat” (Pollan 11) Pollan has strong feelings on how corn has changed the way we eat and also how this effects the connections we make at a dinner table and how setting and our environmental factors can really effect how we view and eat the food we do. Pollan discusses how corn impacts America. He continues on to talk about McDonalds and how corn, whether that be corn syrup or corn oil and how this has affected the growing rate of obesity in the
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