The Once And Future King Literary Analysis

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Lessons can be learned either through mistakes or from history. When history is passed down it is usually written as a story, and in stories, lessons are found in themes. Out of the many important themes found in T.H. White’s The Once and Future King, there are three themes that were the most captivating and intriguing. White uses a variety of ways to present the theme to his readers, one of which was to use his characters to symbolize a specific theme, as Guenevere represents the theme on how committing adultery can have serious consequences, Lancelot is an example of why a reason to kill doesn’t justify killing, and Merlin’s story shows how events already decided by fate cannot be altered. These examples and more shows how White skillfully conveys a compilation of themes to his reader in his book, The Once and Future King. To begin with, one theme White discusses in the story is a problem that is still present in modern times, how committing adultery can have serious consequences. First, Lancelot’s affair with Guinevere took a huge toll…show more content…
This proves that even though times are different and the culture have changed, important messages will be forever valuable and can be used as a source of learning. The wise learn from history, while the fool learns from mistakes. We can always learn important lessons from our own mistakes and try to prevent the same events from happening in the future, but why not learn from the mistakes of people in the past and make perfect the first time? Literature can preserve the human experience for future generations, and stories are the best ways to express
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