The One And Only Ivan Analysis

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Literary Analysis: Hope Creating Friendships Presented in The One and Only Ivan
The One and Only Ivan is a Newbery award-winning children’s novel written by Katherine Applegate. The One and only Ivan is an emotional tale about a Silverback gorilla that lives in a mall. Although this is a great fictional story written for a younger audience, this novel is captivating to all audiences young or old. Applegate uses humor and tragedy to establish Ivan’s memorable first person narrative. In Katherine Applegate’s book, The One and Only Ivan, Applegate uses characterization, setting, and plot to create a compelling story with a powerful message of friendship that empowers hope. Applegate employs the literary device of characterization to illustrate the strong themes of friendships that inspire hope. Ivan, the narrator, is a wise, funny,
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At the beginning of the One and only Ivan, Ivan is caged at The Big Top Mall. Ivan is soulful that has suffered for years as mall employees and used to entertain a crowd. Ivan lives a hard life cooped up with no hope for the future. During the rising action, Ivan is introduced to a cute new baby elephant named Ruby. Ruby’s innocents and curiosity gives Ivan the inspiration he needs to hope for a better life. In the climax of The One and Only Ivan, Ivan hatches a plan to save the friend he loves and give her a better life. Ivan uses his art as an agent of change, and hope. Next, during the falling action of the story, Ivan and Ruby are both filled with hope for their lives as the public reacts to Ivan’s artwork. Finally, the resolution of The One and Only Ivan, Ruby and Ivan through their friendship and hope get a better life at the zoo. Although, Ivan and Ruby get separated when they move to the zoo Ivan knows hope and love will always connect his and Ruby's
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