The Only Alien On The Planet Ginny Quotes

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How can people be violent and horrible to their friends or family? “ More than machinery, we need humanity more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness, without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost. The way of life can be free and beautiful.” Charlie Chaplin said. This quote means that people need to be human more than they need to be smart, and that people should be nice and gentle, and if they don’t have these qualities, life will be all about hate and violence, and with these qualities, life will be beautiful and filled with love. In the book, the Only Alien on the Planet by Kristen D. Randle, Ginny wanted Smitty to communicate with others, and to talk about himself and what happened to him, but he doesn’t…show more content…
“ I’m a coward and I’ve faced it, and I’ve learned to accept it.” Ginny said to herself (chapter 2). This quotation shows that Ginny is not strong and she get scared of everything which made her to gain, and handle it. Furthermore, Ginny felt lonely “ I’m feeling very sorry for myself. It seems like everybody in the world but me has somebody who cares about them.” Ginny was talking with herself (chapter 6). This quotation proves that Ginny is feeling so lonely and that she got no one to take care of her, and share her feelings with anyone. On the other hand, Ginny was curious, “ he lives over there?” Ginny was asking Caulder when they were talking about Smitty. As well, this quotation illustrates that Ginny is curious about Smitty and she just wants to know what is the reason for him to be like an alien. At the end, Ginny changed. She became strong, incurious, and sociable. “ How can you say that?” Ginny said to Russell (Chapter 17). Here, Ginny showed that became strong when she stood up for Smitty when Russell said that what happened to Smitty is not his fault. Also, “ I got my brother to invite Pete’s brother to my party and by the way he supposed to bring Pete just for you.” Hally told Ginny (chapter 7). This quotation supports that Ginny is not lonely because now she has many friends like Hally, Caulder, and Smitty. Likewise, Ginny is less curious now “ She told us all about how…show more content…
“ He was reacting to us. We didn’t realize it at the time-but we responded to it, just the way we should have responded to anybody else. It was almost like a conversation. Don’t you get it?” Ginny told Caulder (chapter 3). In other words, these quotation explains that here Ginny is working on trying Smitty to talk and she realized that when they talk Smitty stops doing anything and just listen to them, then he just moves his head, and reacts to them. “ It had taken him to work out that proof.” Ginny said (chapter 2). This quotation convince that Ginny is helping Smitty to talk or show that he’s a human being and she said that it’s working with him and that they will proof
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