The Only Girl In The Car Analysis

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Saint Kathy Kathy Dobie believed that being the saint to others will confirm her path to inclusion. In the catholic faith, being a saint and spreading kindness is powerful. To achieve sainthood there must be acts of selflessness. Kathy Dobie expressed selflessness by finding her path of inclusion. She used acts of courage to meet this desire. She put herself after others to show a statement that she wanted to be more than just a teen. She wanted to make others feel better. In Kathy Dobie’s memoir, The Only Girl in the Car, Kathy is trying to fit in. She wants to find a place where she belongs. The first tribe Kathy ever had was her family. Similarly, Kathy states, “But I could hardly just step aside and let my brothers and sisters take center stage. In a family of six small children, all clamoring for our mother’s attention, I would have risked disappearing…show more content…
She reflects on Frank Lee, a boy whom caused troubled. Additionally, she felt as though he was someone who would do anything to crave attention and havoc. He hurt another boy without realizing that his choice would cause someone else pain. Similarly, Frank never understood during this situation that actions can impact others. Kathy argues, “I should’ve learned from Frank Lee that you could be too lonely and too hungry. You might try too hard to connect. You might do something horrific and then be condemned to your solitude forever” (Dobie 29). This was a later reflection of how she took troubled dilemmas of Frank Lee. As a result, she desired being involved and did not comprehend the overall choices she made until later in her life. Frank Lee was a warning to her that causing trouble and doing anything to belong will only cause pain. Consequently, Kathy did not think about her decisions. She had been solely selecting to be a saint despite the problems she later confronted. Kathy never realized the overall outcome until after she was
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