Essay Ontological Argument For The Existence Of God

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Argument for the existence of god is being proposed in several ways. Some based on science while some are about personal experience and some on philosophical arguments such as ontological arguments, first cause arguments, arguments based on deign, moral arguments. Each of these support conception. Ontological argument say that if you inculcate the idea of god , we can see him . There is a saying that “Nothing comes from Nothing but something comes from something”. We can explain the origin of the universe and the reason why it is like this if we believe in god. Existence of being greater than any of us and the rules for over all creation. It is not necessary for physical existence of god. We can say that god exists by thinking about god. As we know that for sided god triangle triangle is impossible, in the same manner non-existence of god is also impossible. If we think god is perfect and superior than everything we know then anything greater than god can’t be imagined. If we think god as not…show more content…
As nature is explained by us by the law of action and reaction. So, nature as a whole must be explained. It must have some cause which is super-natural power i.e; god. When we do a bad action our conscience warns about the reaction. This proves god exists and witness all our thoughts and actions. At times we at dilemma or in difficulty then help comes for us in a mysterious way. Majority of us might have experienced this and exclaim that second in joy “God’s ways are mysterious. I have got full faith in god now”. God always exists before us we always search for god. “He is closer to us than our breath , nearer than our hands and feet what we taste ,small and feel” is god. Everything around us demonstrates us that there is higher law above our will. For instance if we observe a neam tree it has fruits, flowers, branches, twigs, leaves, but we cannot see
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