The Open Window Character Analysis

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TITLE THAT MUST BE DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The “Open Window” character, Vera, a blunt and bold storyteller, is surprisingly resembling to Montressor, the cold blooded murderer from the “Cask of Amontillado”. Vera is an unusual character, with a capability of lying so strong, the reader only discovers her distortions at the end of the story. In the plot, she tells unrealistic stories to Mr. Nuttel, a man looking for curing his nerves. Her disturbing stories align perfectly with the reality, making the guest run away frightened. When her family interrogates her about the peculiar reaction of the man, she quickly convinces them with another story, as creepy as the first. Montressor, the narrator of the second story, is looking for revenging…show more content…
First, Vera is definitely quicker than Montressor to plot, due to the less serious and more dynamic nature of her situation. Indeed, Vera is able to quickly turn the reality into surreal stories, as stated in the end by the narrator: “Romance at short notice was her specialty.” (Saki) In the other hand, Montressor deals with fatal matters, requiring much more time to plan, and describes his process in the story. Secondly, words are Vera’s only weapon, while Montressor uses both physical objects as well as his irony. It is needless to say that all of Vera’s tricks orbits her manipulation of reality with words. Montressor, on the contrary, has items to help him: whine, the catacomb, building material. But that does not exclude the fact that Montressor have a power over the language, using ironies in many occasions. Lastly, the two characters diverge in their motives. Vera uses her tricks as a form of pure entertainment, with no deep reason behind them. Montressor, evidently, killed Fortunato as a form of revenge. In other words, Montressor’s motives are more malignant than Vera’s, consequently, he requires more weapons and strategy; in contrast, Vera creates plots with only words and a small amount of…show more content…
Vera is surprisingly capable of instantaneously associate real facts with fantastical ideas, creating odd, yet believable stories. Those illusions she creates have the only purpose of entertain her, even though they can be considered harsh. On the other hand, Montressor revenge is based on pure evilness. He cautiously plans an intricate plan to revenge Fortunato, using all that is provided to him. Those characters may be eccentric, but that does not exclude the existence of many equivalent attributes. Both share the incomparable power of using what is provided to them to create a complex plan, impossible to be discovered. In addition, an apathetic personality is common in both of them, although on dramatically different levels. Finally, LAST SENTENCE YOU BETTER MAKE IT GOOD, NATALIA, YOU BETTER MAKE IT

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