The Open Window Summary

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“THE OPEN WINDOW” SUMMARY Saki (H. H. Munro) short story, “The Open Window”, is about deception and gullibility. The author introduces the reader to Framton Nuttel, a naïve men with a nerve condition, and Vera, a 15-year-old with an overactive imagination and a bad taste for jokes. Seeking a cure for his disease, Nuttel moved to a rural area where he knew no one. With a letter of introduction provided by his sister so he could meet people in the country, he visited Mrs. Sappleton. While he waited for her, her niece Vera entertained him. Once she determined that Mr. Nuttel knew nothing about her family, she explained that it had been three years since Mrs. Sappleton's great tragedy: her husband and brothers had gone hunting and never returned,…show more content…
He joined them and started a conversation. Feeling so comfortable and pleased around the kind and hospitable family, he told them about his highest ambition: he wanted to leave a monument before he died not to be forgotten afterwards. During the talk, the weather got worse, and rocks tumbled down the mountain. That prompted the father to reassure the visitor that rocks often fell, and they had a shelter to flee to if necessary. As the night lengthened, each member of the family started sharing their own wishes. The father expressed he hoped for a humble legacy, and the aged grandmother made a request for her dying day. Suddenly, they were alarmed by the sound of a much larger avalanche. They bolted outside for their safe place, but they were all caught up in the rockslide and killed. Their bodies were never found, while their cottage remained intact. Later on, the family was remembered for their kindness and hospitality, whereas no conclusive evidence of a visitor’s existence was found. In “The Ambitious Guest”, while the house stood as a monument to the family, the stranger left no monument; townspeople did not even know if he had actually existed or not. In this story, Nathaniel Hawthorne teaches the reader that all that is necessary to be remembered after death is to have been humble and
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