The Opportunities In Julius Caesar's Life

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Julius Caesar started life in a family who already had a fair political standing. He quickly climbed the Roman political system, while gaining the people 's approval. Before Caesar was at his peak, he was taken hostage by Cilician Pirates. Caesar had many opportunities in life, but he decided to take them. Caesar was born on the 12 or 13 of July, 100 B.C.. His Parents, Gaius and Aurelia Caesar, were already a politically important family, because they belonged to the Marian faction. When he was nineteen, Caesar went off to war, and due to his political status, he started at a higher position than an average soldier. When he was 49 he decided to leave the army, he went to Spain to further his education. While in Spain, he studied rhetoric, which helped him with public speaking. His ability of speaking made him illustrious. “Do you know any man why, even if he was concentrated on the art of oratory to the exclusion of all else, can speak better than Caesar?” (quote by Cicero).…show more content…
Before he made it the ship he was aboard was captured by Cilician pirates. The pirates demanded a ransom of twenty to twenty-five talents of silver, which in today’s money would be roughly 600,000 USD. Caesar derided them, and said he’d pay 50 talents. Nevertheless, he ordered patrons from across Rome to raise money for the ransom. While the Caesar was waiting for freedom he told them he’d have them crucified, but the pirates wrote the statement off as a joke. Caesar got closer to them, he became a leader to them. He’d write poems and speeches, and when he was done, he’d read them to the pirates. If the pirates didn’t agree with the poems or speeches he would confidently tell them they were “illiterate savages” and threaten
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