The Oppression Of Women In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

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First, obedience is for women to provide the basic requisite of the men needs in the live. With women supplying the essential nutrients that men require, men
Li 2 will be more comfortable of perform their tasks. With out the basic need. Men will be hard to survive or have a strength to complete their assignment. In the story of the life of the Buddha. Sujata bring plate of food for Siddhartha to support his meditation “It was the last food he would touch for seven weeks”(life of the Buddha )otherwise Siddhartha can not endured hungry to achieve his goal. In the life of Buddha, Siddhartha is on the brink of starvation when a young lady bring a plate of food for Siddhartha to help him on his religious practice. Even the Sujata do not know Siddhartha, she still feel she is necessary for her to
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As a women, why they need to nurture with the men. It is natural instincts of the women, they will support the men with no reason. Maybe the women contribution to the men is not that important, but to the men they are very important, all the motive force are come from women. In "Savitri and Satyavan". Savitri obedience the Wise man say and get the method of food of how to extend her husband life more longer “You can extend your husband’s life by fasting. Eat nothing but fruit, roots and leaves for a year, and Satyavan will live for those twelve months. After that he must die.” At this moment Savitri did not give up Satyavan. In
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