The Oppression Of Women In Josephine's Children Of The Sea

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In “nineteen thirty-seven”, Josephine’s mother was imprisoned for being a witch. Before Josephine’s birth, her mother swam across a blood-filled river to Haiti from the Dominican Republic, where Haitians were slaughtered. Every year, Josephine and her mother performed rituals at the Massacre River. When Josephine visits her frail mother in jail, she never says anything, but she brings a Virgin Mary statue that her mother makes cry using wax and oil. When Josephine’s mother died, she is left alone with only the Virgin Mary statue. In this story, the women were portrayed as being dangerous and not safe to be around other people. The people thought they were dangerous to the point where they arrested them just because they think they are witches, and without any evidence to prove what…show more content…
The macoutes are operation military units who kill or arrest any member of the Youth Federation. The female narrator’s family hears the macoutes kill her neighbor, whose son was in the Youth Federation. The women in this story are portrayed as useless humans. I think that nineteen thirty-seven and this story are very similar in the way they portray and think of women. Even though in Children of the Sea, the fear of women wasn’t really the main conflict in this story but some may notice it. What I noticed is that the female character in this story was a member of the Youth Federation, and the macoutes wanted to arrest her until her father paid them off to let her go. That also shows that her father was fearing for her and didn’t want them to take her away. Also in the story, the macoutes were in control and they had power over anyone and everyone but especially on women. I think that they fear women to have control and cause problems that they won’t know how to
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