The Ordinary People Movie Analysis

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Movie Review- The Ordinary People (1980)
Shresth Gupta
This movie is one of the good movie with strong story line shows relationships between parents-child also showed different emotions and different aspects of life in a family.
The Movie revolves around Jaretts family where the elder son Buck died in a boat accident. Calvin and Beth with their younger ‘surviving’ son in the suburbs of Chicago. Calvin is a successful tax attorney and Beth is an active socialite. They appeared to be happy together in front of society.Conrad the ‘surviving’ son from the boat accident in which Buck died. After the incident Conrad tried to attempt suicide, but failed and was taken to hospital and was there for 4 months. The backdrop of the story or the
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The movies show that how Buck being a first child received all love and care of the parents and his death leads to the change in life of Jaretts and mostly affecting Conrad. Conrad was depressed by his elder brother’s death and attempts suicide, but failed, after getting discharged from the hospital, he has suffered from insomnia when he tries to sleep he sees his older brother in the boat holding his hand and then suddenly sees him leaving his hand and falling in the water which seems that he is disturbed as being socially inactive or can say introvert he could not share anything to any person but his father was worried about his condition. With encouragement from his father, Conrad begins psychotherapy with a psychiatrist, Dr. Berger. And it is observed that Dr. Berger is quite direct in his therapy. Conrad is initially resistant, but eventually begins to open up during therapy. Berger convinces Conrad to openly express the emotions he has been suppressing – "Little advice about feeling, kiddo, don 't expect it to always tickle." This new expressions can be seen in Conrad’s daily life as well now. Even Calvin went to Berger with his problem as he too got depressed seeing his son and wife’s coldness between…show more content…
Conrad and his family is dealing with the trauma of the Buck’s death all the three of them reacted in three different manner Calvin tried to repressed his memories and then moved on with the work and his wife. Beth was really hurt she repressed her feelings but often displaced it in form of anger to Calvin also this led to a cold behavior towards his younger son. Conrad believing that he is the sole reason of his brother’s death tried to attempt suicide after which he was in hospital for 4 months after discharging also his unconscious mind was over powering his mind which leads to insomnia which can be seen in the movie when he was dreaming about he and his brother in a boat in a storm holding the hands and then buck’s hand slipped. This incident was the reason of committing suicide as he was regretting for his mistake although it wasn’t his. Movie also seen Beth subliming her feelings in the form of missing Buck going to his room. She is missing him we have seen this when she went into flash back which shows she was laughing with buck in a Garden. We have seen Beth whose Id was over powering her personality her id so powerful which didn’t even cared about her son she was bothered about the vacation or the trip with Calvin. This can be seen when Calvin wants a photograph of Beth and Cornad together but Beth tried to move away from situation which resulted in Cornad shouting his dad to give the camera. This shows that she is not at all

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