The Ordinary World Analysis

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There are different stages a hero goes through to achieve his or her goals in a story. One of the stages is The Ordinary World. In The Ordinary World The Hero is introduced before the journey starts. The Hero shows the audience his identity . Also , it allows us to show the problem The Hero is facing.The Ordinary world is The Hero’s home and The Hero may come to a drastic decision of entering a special world. While traveling in the special world the hero can grow and learn throughout his journey. The next stage is The Call To Adventure . The Call To Adventure shakes up the story. This stage throws The Ordinary World off balance. In addition , The Hero faces a new challenge which is his or her life is going to change. The next stage is Refusal Of The Call.…show more content…
After this stage is The Road Back. The Hero has now completed his journey and will return to the ordinary world. Along with The Resurrection stage . The Resurrection stage The Hero is purified yeArchetand reborn. Along with , a new beginning .Finally the stage is Return With The Elixir . The Hero returns to the Ordinary World and share the treasure with others. Not to mention there are 7 Archetypes. To Begin with , The Hero is The Hero is the central character who sacrifices his or her self. The Hero has to accept challenges and will learn and grow during his journey. Secondly , is the Mentor . The Mentor gives the hero motivation , training , or wisdom to help The Hero overcome his fears and prepare him for his journey. Thirdly is Threshold Guardian. Threshold Guardian provides tests to The Hero to prove if he or she is committed. Next archetype is Herald. Herald character can appear in the beginning of the journey. The Herald can wear a mask or can reside within The Hero in the form of a dream or vision to push The Hero to Change his life. The Shapeshifter can mask can mislead the hero by doubting The Hero and questioning the Hero’s mind. Moreover , the Shadow shows the darkest desires or rejected
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