The Oregon Trail Book Report

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“The Oregon Trail” is a novel that was published in 1849. In this novel, it describes the journey that the author (Francis Parkman) took across The Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail is a route to the Northwest that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon. It crossed through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. There was originally a lot more to this book, but the author had to take some of the information out because it was too rough for the public to read. Francis Parkman who is the author of “The Oregon Trail” is a historian that is well-known for his writings and sketches about the Oregon Trail. “The Oregon Trail” is a novel about a man who leaves St.Louis with his friend/relative Quincy A. Shaw on April 28th on a journey to the Rocky Mountains. They headed on a steamboat up the Missouri River to Kansas. They reached Kansas and set out in a wagon to Westport. At Westport, they got horses and met three people who they agreed to…show more content…
It had very good information that we, the reader, were able to process in a different way because we were able to learn it through a story line. The reader is able to live the experiences with the author. We could see his hardships, the good values he learned, and what it was like to be with the Native Americans. The average student can learn from this book. The Oregon Trail was an important part of American history and this novel helps reveal why. Without the Oregon Trail, the United States would not be like it is today. Many people traveled in groups by wagon, horses, and even a ways on foot. The author paints a picture in the reader 's mind that helps us see what the scenery look likes. I learned about how they traded back then, and how fur trappers played a large role. Many people came down with illnesses, and not many people actually finished the journey down the Oregon
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