The Organizational Structure Of Tesco

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The overall business organisation structure mainly changes with the passage of time and need. If an organization is small, the management often tends to take over majority of managerial role. However, with the growth of company’s operation, it leads to introduce a new and fresh management layer that organises themselves into further specialist departments (Markides, & Charitou, 2004). Many organisation leads to develop a hierarchical structure along with individual department being accountable for specific function like product design, warehousing and other works under a rapidly changing market environment.
Business operation management is linked with the objective of how organisation is able to deliver its goods and services while satisfying
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Tesco is a British based superstore with almost 4811 stores at present operating in 14 different parts of the world (Tesco PLC 2015). Currently more than 280,000 staff are employed in Tesco specifically in UK, however 202,000 thousand employees are working in other 14 countries. With greater success, Tesco is able to increase their sales and profit margin, the annual report of the company revealed that in 2012, Tesco was able to make £62,537m Group sales and the group revenue of around £56,910m as £5.5 billion working profit (,…show more content…
Illustration on wide range of management literature over international retailing and organisational learning, Palmer and Quinn (2005) suggested several elements of international retail learning perspective (Gouldson & Sullivan, 2013).
The major objective was to explore the international retail dimensions experiences and how they were able to improve or shape out the strategic decision making process of retailer. However this does not provide an in-depth analysis of each and every aspect of international activities of the firm (in this case Tesco). Tesco business experiences are importantly conceptualised with in three broad dimensions. All these three dimensions make different among wider external view and internal corporate perspective of business improving process. First important area is to analyse internal strategic process. Secondly, it links with external strategic process including interactive prospects of retailer’s international environment. Thirdly, the overall dimension reflects on internal changes and operational function of the company (Moore & Birtwistle,

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