Nursing Profession Essay

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Nursing is the career that is known as the helping profession. Nursing is the largest, the most diverse, and one of the most respected of all health care professions (D’Antonio, P.). Nurses provide healthcare to individuals, families, and communities. They play a huge role in an individual’s well-being once they enter a healthcare setting. Although this career can be extremely rewarding, just like any other career it can come with some cons.
This report explores the origin of the nursing profession, and the role it plays in our world today. How to become a nurse will be discussed, as well as the disadvantages and advantages of this career.
The Origin of the Nursing Profession
Florence Nightingale Although the origins of nursing predate the
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Two common types of nurses in our society today is a Licensed Practical Nurse [LPN] and a Registered Nurse [RN]. With most nursing programs, a person can complete a LPN program in one year, and a RN program in two years. These programs are completed at a community college. In order to gain administrative and supervisory nursing positions, an individual may choose to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This degree is usually completed at an university, and takes about four years to…show more content…
Many nurses are lucky to have the 9-5 Monday-Friday schedule, but others may find themselves working 12-16 hours per day. Rotating from day to night might even be a work schedule that a nurse have to do. Some nurses such as hospice nurses, may find themselves on-call, meaning they can be called in at any giving time to provide care for patients, or handle the death of a patient accordingly. Most nurses do work a burdensome number of overtime hours because of the serious nursing shortage. This has led to stress, burnout and injury (Haslam -Stroud, 2006). These long hours can be a strain on nurses, because they may be find them themselves fatigue and “worn
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