The Origin Of Untouchability In India

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Untouchability is one of the major problems of our country. It has its roots in the Indian society of our country that is based on the caste system. The castes are further divided into sub-castes. The people of the lowest caste are treated untouchables. They do not belong to the fold of
Hinduism. Nobody knows exactly about the origin of Untouchability or the caste system itself.
Untouchability starts from the classification of upper and lower caste system it takes the birth from standing framework Standing framework is the result of Hinduism in India which has likewise spread to different religions. The possibility of virtue is demanded through the religious writings. Who are the Untouchables and what is the origin of Untouchability? These are the main topics which it is sought to investigate and the results of which are contained in the following pages.
Before launching upon the investigation it is necessary to deal with certain preliminary questions. The first such question is :
If Untouchability is observed by Non-Hindus also how does Untouchability among Hindus compare with Untouchability among non-Hindus? The second is: Are the Hindus the only people in the world who observe Untouchability. Unfortunately no such comparative study has so far been attempted still now as well. The result is that though most people are aware of the existence of Untouchability among the Hindus they do not know what are its unique features.

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