The Origin Of Voodoo During The French Colonial Period

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Voodoo was born in Western Haiti during the French Colonial Period, and it still is widely studied. The origins of voodoo comes from tribal religions in Africa and it was brought to Haiti by the slaves that were first sent there to the plantations before being sent to Louisiana ( mostly New Orleans) to work there. The word voodoo comes from the African word “vodu” which means spirit. As the slaves were staying in Haiti, they created a new religion based on their shared, common African beliefs which included singing and drumming and dancing as religious rituals. Despite the common opinion, voodoo rituals didn’t include drinking animal blood, sacrifices, snakes, sexual content etc. Still it was frightening enough for the white plantation owners and they forbid the slaves to study voodoo. The plantation owners had baptized them all as Catholics but voodoo was still practiced secretly. The salves also incorporated Christianity with their native beliefs, they included some Catholic saints, prayers, statues and candles in their voodoo belief. Voodoo had come to the United States, when the slaves in Haiti were sold to the West Indies, mostly to New Orleans. The lives of the slaves were hard and miserable under the French rule. They had to work a lot and were brutally punished if they gathered for voodoo practices. Because of the fear of an uprising the slaves weren’t allowed to meet at any circumstances. In 1782 the governor of Louisiana even suggested that the blacks in the
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