The Orthodontist Career

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English 8 Research Paper Michigan is “#2 dental school in the world”(University). Orthodontist will examine a person 's teeth for various reasons for example, teeth that need to be straightened. A career in Orthodontics involves making molds for retainers, putting on braces, tightening braces and much more. When one becomes an Orthodontist one may need extra training. To become an Orthodontist one must need to know about career, place of employment, education, internships, and college information. An Orthodontist career has a variety of aspects. Some of the tasks that an Orthodontist performs includes “straightening teeth by applying pressure with braces or other appliances”(U.S.). There are different options for ways an Orthodontist can straighten…show more content…
One specific place of employment for an Orthodontist to work at would be “Western Dental Services in Pittsburg, California” (Orthodontist). One who works there will have a lot of staff. Orthodontist who work here work with anywhere from 500 to 1000 employees (Orthodontist). Another place an Orthodontist may work could be at “West Coast Dental in San Jose, California” (Orthodontist). One task that they do is communicate with team members and also with their patients. They also ask questions to help them make sure they understand (Orthodontist). This office was founded 26 years ago (Orthodontist). At west coast Dental they also assess dental needs and risk of their patients. They also apply braces to the teeth (Orthodontics). They also create a positive vibe. Education is important when one is looking for a…show more content…
One needs an education, a degree, and training to become a Orthodontist. To become an Orthodontist one needs a Bachelor 's degree in a science related field (Study). It takes four years to complete a Bachelor 's degree. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree one must complete an additional four years of dental school (Study). During dental school one takes medically oriented classes, dental courses, and performs dental lab work. An additional three years of specialized training is required (Study). During this time one will perform certain tasks on patients. Licensing and/or certification is required in some states (Study). It would likely be easier to find a job if one is licensed or certified. Becoming an Orthodontist takes a lot of time in
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