The Ossage Firebird Analysis

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The Ossage Firebird is about a little girl who grew up to be a ballerina. The author does a good job telling the story because he told about all the big events in her life. The story tells about a little girl who grew up to do great things. While she was a little girl she moved from her home to learn how to be a better dancer. The author starts with her childhood and then ends with her accomplishments.

The author wrote about Betty Marie Tallchief as a little girl so that people would know where she came from. She came from an Indian tribe called the Ossage. As a little girl, Better Marie Tallchief loved to dance. She would listen to her Grandmother’s stories about animals and even found a way put her grandmother’s stories into dance. The dance she made was called “The Fire Bird”
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Her skill in dancing lead her into many concerts and her most famous dance called “The Fire Bird” won her many awards. She met face to face with the president and received a “Woman of the year award”. She was honored and loved by her tribe and family, but it wasn't just the woman of the year award that made her happy. It was her grandmother’s respect after she received an award from her grandma called Wa-Xth-Thonba (Woman of Two Worlds).

Maria didn’t get all of those awards by just dancing. She practiced and worked hard every day becoming strong with each passing day. When she realized that she needed to improve she moved from her town to work on her skills in a new city. In her new classes, she was bullied and other kids made fun of her. People made fun of her name and asked where her feathers were. She rose above the insults and challenges and succeeded in her dream to become a ballerina. She achieved her life’s work by becoming a ballerina and by proving if you want something bad enough, there is no one that can stand in your
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