The Other Man On The Podium Analysis

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The articles “Two runners, once united with Olympic gesture, are now divided” by David Davis and “The Other man on the Podium” by Caroline Frost are about two African American runners, Tommie Smith and John Carlos falling out post protest on the winning platform at the 1968 Olympics. Smith and Carlos rose to the podium and raised their black gloved fists in the air to bring attention to the inequality for the Blacks in America at the time. As time went on though, the two released several works of writing that contradict each other 's statements about the rebellious protest that they made together and belittling each other’s accomplishments. Everybody goes through hard times or does courageous things and the people that were there with them become part of who they are. Being “rebels without a cause” together brought a sense of unity to Smith and Carlos. The pair of them both received numerous death threats and the received immediate backlash. From that point on,…show more content…
He wore a human rights badge which signified that he was with them in their protest, he stood by them. Smith and Carlos would probably never have talked or met again if it weren’t for Peter Norman. At Norman’s funeral, Smith and Carlos were pallbearers. Going back to the story about my former best friend and I, although we don’t really acknowledge it there were people all around us who stood by us when we were friends and supported our friendship. This past June, the school that we both had attended had a graduation ceremony for our friends. When we saw eachother again for the first time in what felt like forever, it brought back memories and we remembered all the things that we had gone through and it didn’t seem to matter who started what or who lost what. In the end, what mattered was what we had in the past and who stood by us through it
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