The Other Moore Character Analysis

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Have you ever been in a situation that you know what the outcome is and you know that it’s bad but you still do it anyways? In the book “The Other Wes Moore”, the Other Wes was headed down a path of drugs and getting in trouble with the cops. On pages 112-113 one day Wes was standing on the streets when someone came up and asked them “Do you guys know where I can buy some rocks?” (113), Wes knew that he looked suspicious and everything he knew pointed out to him that he was an undercover cop. Wes turned him down at first but he got to thinking and didn’t want to lose a sale which was a terrible idea. I told him not to, but he just didn’t listen and look what happened. Wes has a past of selling drugs to many different people, he has learned the way of what and what not to do. Maybe it was because he valued his work and he didn’t want to take the chance of losing a new customer. “He couldn’t stop thinking about the money he could make off that sale- almost exactly enough to take care of this date.”(113) This shows that he values his work more than the chance of staying out of jail. If he had listened to himself on knowing it was a cop he wouldn’t have ended up getting arrested and…show more content…
Since he values what others think of him, he is going to do what they think is cool. But mostly everyone thinks drugs are cool in the group he hangs out with so he is of course going to get into the drugs scene. He values his family very much and you think that would be good in the end, but it isn’t. He values his family so much that he would do anything to get them what they need. So if that means selling drugs and doing illegal things he is going to do it to support everyone. But with everything that he has done, getting caught with and selling the drugs, he has been taken away from his friends and family over and over again. So what he thinks is doing good for them is just causing them harm because he is never
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