The Other Pair Film Analysis

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The Other Pair is a very moving and motivational video, which made me understand that we have to change our thoughts, we should seek to help, offer or give to others without expecting anything back. The whole story of this short movie is basically revolving around two young boys who acted in such a selfless and generous way, that in their purity, they were teaching an important lesson to everybody who watched the movie. The entire movie was filmed in natural daylight, which I think makes everything look much more clear and natural looking rather than harsh studio lightning. The main characters of the movie were a poor young boy wearing worn out clothing & another kid who appeared to have a place from a rich family. The story started as the poor young boy whose experience looked scruffy, was attempting to repair his torn shoe when all of a sudden his eyes concentrated on gleaming dark shoes worn by a kid like his age. The poor kid started dreaming that he would ever wear such sparkly wonderful shoes. Throughout the movie, there was a very calm piano music playing in the background which made me more interested in the movie and makes every scene to have an…show more content…
When the train was there, the kid alongside his dad was rushing to the train. When the train was boarding, one of his shoes slipped off and fell on the ground. The poor kid saw the shoe on the ground & realized that he had seen them in the past. The train began moving, he saw the kid staring at his shoe from the train door. The poor kid grabbed the shoe and began pursuing the train trying to give the shoe back. He tried very hard to reach to the train but was not able to get to the same speed with it so he tossed the shoe the extent that he could, in hope that the kid could get it. Unfortunately, the train moved quicker and the shoe fell off on the
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