The Other Side Of The Sky Analysis

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The Other Side of the Sky

It’s crazy how different cultures are when we all live on the same planet. It’s also crazy how similar cultures are when we live so far away from others. That is what makes our world and our people so diverse. In The Other Side of the Sky by Farah Ahmedi and Tamim Ansary there were many events that showed great amounts of cultural differences, and similarities. California and Afghanistan are very different yet very similar. California is different in the fact that it seems to be a much safer place as you are able to go outside and not hear gunshots. Afghanistan and California are similar in ways that they believe in God even though there are different religions. Farah grew up during a big time of war and wasn’t safe, she found that praying to god helped her through the toughest times, and Farah had to work for housing and shelter because money was very limited.

People in America are much more independent than in Afghanistan. America seems to be a more independent place. As Farah was learning the ways in America she discovered that people didn't stop to talk to her at the grocery store, no one helped her with directions on her way to places
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Here in California, and all over the world, millions and millions of people follow god even though there are many religions. Just like Farah, and people in Afghanistan, have had life changing experiences by praying. When Farah saw the star fall she knew that was sign that God was by her side and things started turning around. She then held on to hope. When Farah forgot God, she forgot faith. Her mother’s health declined and housing became harder and harder to find. In California, and others countries all over the world, humans believe that by not praying and not listening to God their lives go in the wrong direction. As long as Farah stayed close to God, she held her head
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