The Other Side Of The World By Stephanie Bishop: Character Analysis

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‘The other side of the world’ Is a book written by Stephanie bishop, released 30th of June 2015 which exposes different characteristics amongst Henry and Charlotte where are they are both portrayed to be self-centred and selfish. Each character embarks on a journey to find their true identity and to develop and connection and sense of belonging between a place. The novels importance of belonging and identity is demonstrated through the way Stephanie bishop places each character in a difficult position where she has chosen for them to react in a certain way.

This novel uses a complicated approach to express the ideas of identity and development in the connection to home. Stephanie has best suited the audience to be adults who are experiencing
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Charlotte is expressed as a character who is attached to the idea of England and its fantasy. Bishop categorizes charlotte to be nostalgic. “England has always been a land of fairy tales; a world of pictures,”. Fairy tales and pictures expose the idea of Charlotte living in a world distant from reality. Her connection to home is not real but instead is visualised to be perfect when in reality it is far from it. Henry is also connected to the ideas and memories of India. Each connection has formed a strength within a character, incorporating this into there identity’s and forming the decisions that they make throughout the book. “the picture stirs a memory”. Picture and memory are two phrases bishop included providing the audience with an understanding on henrys thoughts, and his identity linking to his memories of India, and how this has influenced his idea of home and his identity. The representation of the relationship is one to be considered as a strength of the book. The relationship between Henry and Charlotte is deemed to be difficult, similar to each reaction and impact that the move to Australia has had on the individual. Charlotte's relationship with England was understood to be formed off the idea of fantasy and nostalgia. Nevertheless, henrys relationship with England and Australia were equalised, as each represented the same factor. The disconnection and sense of marginalisation are exhibited through the way bishop describes the feelings and thoughts of each character. Due to lack of communication, the relationship unfolds into something
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