The Other Side The Sky Analysis

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Refugees are people flee their home countries to another country for better life due to the war in their home counties. The story of The Other Side the Sky by Farah Ahmedi is about an Afghanistan girl who had a physical disability tries to flee to the United States with her only family for better life. More than 75 years ago, a group of refugees were trying to flee Europe before World War II. They were Jews. Anne Frank, the author of The Diary of a Young Girl. Is about a Jewish had hidden in her father’s workplace for two years. Both girls have a similarity and two differences. Both Farah and Anne Frank share multiple differences. One such difference includes the characteristic of Farah still alive but Anne frank dead in the camp. The book displays how Farah is alive. Farah states “that’s what my story is about, I think. That’s the story I want to share with you now, the story of my like, so far” (Page 14). this quote shows Farah is alive because she wrote “the story of my life, so far” which means her life is still going on. However, Anne Frank…show more content…
Once such difference includes the characteristic of Farah had a chance to live in another country for better life. Unfortunately, Anne is not as lucky as Farah. The book displays how Farah feels she is become well. “My life remains a struggle in many ways, but things are better now” (Page 268). this quote shows Farah have better life in the United States. On the contrast, Anne does not get the chance to escape the Netherland. Anne hides in Otto Frank’s office with her family for two years. But on August 4, 1994 William van Maaren is the most probable suspect who tells German and Dutch SS men that they are hide in there. “On August 4, 1900, German and Dutch SS men led by SS Oberscharfuhrer Josef Zilberbauer railed the hiding place” (Porat). This quote shows Anne and her family were found on August 4, 1990.Which means they would live in the camp for every or until they
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