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Family is key. In the book, The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore, it is about two boys that grew up in the same area with the same name. The book talks about how one boy becomes a Rhode Scholar and the other is serving life in prison from an armed robbery shooting. The events happen are because of their family and how they influence them. In the book, The Other Wes Moore, the author explores the idea of family to develop the theme of having a supportive family is the difference between being successful and failing your goals. One of the ways the other Wes Moore does not become successful because of something he finds in his mom's room. Wes is going to a picnic/barbecue during school hours. Wes was looking for some loose change like he always does in his moms closet. Then all of a sudden Wes comes across something. He finds a stash of this green substance. Then finally he realizes what he has come across. "He had just found his mothers weed stash"(Moore 59). When this event happens, he brings it to the party. When this happens, …show more content…

Tony starts getting involved in the drug game very early. This will influence Wes outcome in life because he gets involved with it. Tony started getting in the business in the Murphy homes because thats were his dad lived and he sold drugs too. "Tony started selling drugs in those shadowy Murphy homes before he was 10"(Moore 27). This supports the theme because its like the saying monkey sees monkey do. This means that Tony is a bad influence to Wes because he puts him in a bad environment. When this happens he is more likely to fall into his brothers foot steps. Sometimes looking up to someone is not always the best choice. Family is the most important thing you need in life to be successful. Family has to have a good influence on you to make you succeed. Family has to do what every it takes to put you in a good education. Family will put you in a safe environment. Family will do the world for

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