The Other Wes Moore

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In the introduction “The Other Wes Moore”, Wes (2010) explains about two boys with the same name live in the same street and grows up in the same time. However, they have different luck in the life that is one of them is successful in life and is educated, and the other one is unsuccessful in his life and criminal. In addition, the successful boy gets on Rhodes scholar, and he gets the most prestigious academic awards in the world. After he finished the full scholarship, he read an article in the newspaper about armed men was shot and killed the police officer, and he saw two brothers did this crime. One of them has the same his name, Wes Moore. The other Wes was sentenced to lifetime, and the other Wes’ brother sentenced to death. Nevertheless, Wes was still thinking about this story, and he was surprised from the similarity the names, street, and age. He became to imagine the other Wes’ face like his face. Furthermore, Wes uses outside sources to explain his feeling about the other Wes. Also, Wes wrote a…show more content…
I think his death was a shock for his family and unexpected event. Moreover, he died without doing any error. Based on what I read in The Other Wes Moore in introduction about one name, two fates, and compare it with an article “ 2 men arrested in shooting of NYPD officer, police say” in New York CNN Prokupecz, Sanchez, and Botelho explain that the police officers follow armed men, and the police officers was shot by the armed men. Also, the police officer weren’t in their work hour, and they did wear their bulletproof vests. Comparing this event with what happened this article the same as the book, but there is a different between them. The police officers in article are just injuries, but the police officer in book is death. In my opinion, both police officers are a victim, and the book enhances the same as
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