The Other Wes Moore Literary Analysis

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Social Capital refers to the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling the society to function effectively. This term is essential to become successful in life. Another factor that can affect an individual is mindsets; this is the established set of attitudes held by someone. The book, The other Wes Moore and the documentary All the Difference both are inspired by the author Wes Moore and his mother Joy Moore. It explores the struggles between two young African American men and their different path in life. In the struggles of everyday life, mindsets whether fixed or growth and access to social capital plays an important role in the road to success. In the documentary All the difference and book The other Wes …show more content…

Robert lost his mother when he was seventeen months of age. His grandmother stepped in his life and took over. She was everything to him; she raised him and sends him to school. Robert said, “If I didn’t have my grandma, I wouldn’t have been the young man who I am today. My grandma really played a big role in my life, like being the mother, the father, everything to me, a friend.” (All the difference, Robert). Robert had his grandma to encourage him, to talk to him and be there for him, if he had any questions. I think she really gave him all her attention and observed him and knew when he him. He also had his sisters and the support of teachers and role models to guide and help him. Krishaun the other young man in the documentary all the difference, had many hardship in life, His mom is a single mom and worked hard o support her family. His brother died, the community was getting worse with violence and drugs. Krishaun managed to pull through with the help of his mentors and unban prep school. This was his social contract that believed, supported, and helped him through his tough

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