Summary: The Bridge Of Drina

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During the conquering of the Ottoman Empire , especially in the Balkans in the early 14th to 16th century, it has changed the complete structure of the inhabitants living during this time. An empire that has ruled and been strong in defeating their enemies to a empire that fell from their own civil wars of power, the Ottomans has changed the society in Europe greatly. The city of Visegrad is marked in eastern Bosnia by the border of Serbia. The inhabitants in this city is where the novel The Bridge of Drina by Ivo Andric is based during this challenging time being faced by civilians living during the Ottoman Empire control. From conversations and discussions in class this town had a mix of religious inhabitants such as Christian Orthodox, Jews, Gypsies, Muslims and Islamic traditions and the ethnic groups like the Serbs, Turks, Bosnians, and other Eastern European countries bordering were witnesses to the control of the Ottomans. Living in this time was difficult when a government empire has taken over weak and confused inhabitants. To introduce the city of Visegrad and its highly important view of the Ottoman Empire’s control in Andric novel, we are first introduced to the beginning of the tale about the ethnic, and religious groups that…show more content…
Some would suggest they were dysfunctional more than ever with so much power and not enough change in there government policies. In the 19th and 20th century decline of the Ottoman Empire started to appear and final establishments of borders after WWI. They lost their grip on Greece after it fought for independence in 1821, then Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro (Yakub 2151). The Great Powers -France and England- took over what today is the middle east. The Ottomans knew that going against those powers and having a Turkish war would terminate
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